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Acrylic Auxiliaries Acrylic Auxiliaries
Acrylic Auxiliaries Camel Acrylic Gesso
Acrylic Auxiliaries Camel Acrylic Mediums
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Acrylic Auxiliaries Golden Acrylic Mediums
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Acrylic Auxiliaries Liquitex Acrylic Glazing Medium
Acrylic Auxiliaries Liquitex Acrylic Mediums
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Acrylic Auxiliaries Schmincke Ready To Use Arcylic Binder
Acrylic Auxiliaries Winsor and Newton Art Gel
Acrylic Auxiliaries Winsor and Newton Artguard Barrier Cream
Acrylic Auxiliaries Winsor and Newton Artists Retouching Varnish
Acrylic Auxiliaries Winsor and Newton Dammar Varnish
Acrylic Auxiliaries Winsor and Newton Galeria Acrylic Varnishes
Acrylic Auxiliaries Winsor and Newton Acrylic Clear Gesso Base
Acrylic Auxiliaries Winsor and Newton Artists Acrylic Gloss Medium
Acrylic Auxiliaries Winsor and Newton Artists Picture Varnish Spray
Acrylic Auxiliaries Winsor and Newton General Purpose Varnish High Gloss
Acrylic Mediums
Painting with acrylics is as much about the acrylic mediums as it is about the acrylic paint itself. It involves the use of different types of acrylic mediums. 

Acrylics dry to a flat, eggshell like finish. However, mediums can be added to the acrylic paint in order to produce a range of consistencies and finishes and to give the colors brilliance and depth.

A medium will help thinly diluted paint to maintains its adhesion and improve its flow  and "brush-ability". Some mediums can be used to control the paints drying rate. Other mediums can be used to refract light and color, add texture to acrylic paintings, and to adhere collage items to paintings.

There are no special rules governing the use of acrylic mediums unlike oils, where each paint layer must be more flexible than the one beneath. Acrylic paints and mediums are manufactured with the same emulsion base, so they dry at the same rate and there is no danger of the paint cracking. Still other acrylic mediums affect how matte or glossy the acrylic painting is once it completely dries.

Some of the topmost brands of acrylic mediums for the beginning artist are Liquitex and Golden.


  • It is not a good idea to use gloss or matte mediums as varnish to protect a completed painting. A layer of acrylic medium picks up as much dirt as paint, and cannot be removed for cleaning. It is preferable to to protect the paintings with a removable varnish which can be replaced.
  • As acrylic mediums dry rapidly, it is advisable to keep the brushes immersed in water when they are not in use or they will become hard and unusable in just a few minutes.
  • Mediums and solvent for oils, such as turpentine, mineral spirits, linseed oils and other mediums, should never be added to acrylic paints.
  • Additives are not the same as mediums. While acrylic mediums can be added to the paint in any quantity, additives can be added in only limited quantities without affecting the ultimate drying and curing of the paint surface.


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