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Poster Colours Tempera Poster Colours  Tempera
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Poster Colours  Tempera Winsor and Newton Poster Color Set



Poster Colors
Poster Color or Tempera is a painting medium in which pigment is mixed with water-soluble glutinous materials such as size or egg yolk.

Usually sold in glass jars, these water paints are made by grinding pigments with simple water-soluble binders, such as glue, casein, or dextrin, and they ordinarily contain considerable amounts of inert pigment or extender (as they are essentially cheap products), a preservative, an odorant, and, in some of the better grades, a little glycerin round out the recipes. The inert pigments which they all contain are not used solely as cheapeners (such paints requiring a certain amount of bulk in relation to tinting strength) but the cheaper grades will always contain larger amounts of these fillers than the better ones. The user will note a difference in quality and permanence between the cheaper and the more expensive brands.

They are widely employed for use in scenery painting, sketching, for purposes of commercial art, illustration and display, and to a considerable extent, in educational work. Although poster colors are definitely inferior products from the viewpoint of the accepted permanent fine arts paints, they are entirely adequate for the purposes for which they are intended and usually fulfill their own requirements well.


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